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Matt Lewis Show: Rick Wilson On Trump’s Victory

Rick Wilson, prominent GOP media strategist and “Never Trump” leader talks with Matt about the future of the GOP—and America.

Matt Lewis Show: Kurt Bardella on Bannon & Breitbart

Kurt Bardella joins Matt to talk about his days working for Steve Bannon at

Matt Lewis Podcast: Tucker Carlson on Brexit (Rebroadcast)

Tucker Carlson talks Brexit and Donald Trump. Later, Jeff Isquith, founder and CEO of Ballistic Furniture Systems, swings by. (Rebroadcast.)

Matt Lewis Podcast: Larry Kudlow on JFK, Reagan, and Trump

Lawrence Kudlow joins Matt to talk about his new book ‘JFK And The Reagan Revolution.’ They also discuss Donald Trump’s pro-growth tax plan, and concerns over his protectionist trade policies.

Matt Lewis Podcast: Stephen Bannon (Rebroadcast)

Stephen K. Bannon has been appointed to a senior White House position, so I wanted to revisit our 2011 conversation about his Sarah Palin documentary. (Rebroadcast.)

Matt Lewis Show: My Mom, Trump Voter

I talked to my mom in Pennsylvania about why she voted for Donald Trump.

Matt Lewis Podcast: Post-Election Show

Matt and Thomas LaDuke discuss the 2016 election results. Then, we play a classic interview with early Trump booster Roger Stone.

Matt Lewis Show: CIQUIZZA

Matt appears on Chris Cillizza’s new trivia podcast show. Hijinks ensue.

Matt Lewis Show: 2016 Election Preview

The Daily Caller’s Alex Pappas, public affairs executive John Dunagan, and FTR Radio’s Thomas LaDuke join Matt for a last-minute 2016 election preview.

Matt Lewis Podcast: The Moral Injury of our Longest Wars

From pacifist to senior military correspondent, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Wood joins us to talk about his career, and his new book “What Have We Done: The Moral Injury of our Longest Wars.

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